Me Made May - Wrap up

Me Made May - Wrap up

It's here!  The last day of the month.  And I'm happy to say I met my goal!

Me Made May 2016

29. Grainline Scout (right) | 30. Grainline Alder (Top) | 31. Grainline Archer (Bottom)

My original pledge was:

This month, I pledge to wear at least one me-made item each day. Pajamas and clothes I wear under my work coveralls count! I also pledge to use this month to focus in on what clothes I reach for and what I don't and improve my wardrobe with this knowledge. 

And I did it!  I wore at least one me-made item per day, often multiples.  I have a smallish wardrobe and like it that way, so it's not surprise that I repeated things multiple times.  But overall I wore over 20 different me made items!

Here are all of my looks this month.

And now, for part 2 of my pledge.  The data.

I tracked (almost) every clothing item I wore.  If I wore something only to sleep in or under something else (bike shorts under work jumpsuit, for example), I generally didn't put it on the list unless it was counting as that day's item.  For each item I captured fabric and pattern information and put it all together in a spreadsheet.

Then, I broke out the pivot tables.  I know you all read sewing blogs to get that sweet, sweet, data analysis, right?  So let's look at some charts and graphs.

I knew from the start that I liked Grainline Patterns.  I didn't know QUITE how much.  I also knew I love Nani Iro.  So now I won't feel bad about all the money that goes toward Nani Iro fabrics on a regular basis!

For specific patterns, I honestly wouldn't have predicted this.  If I had guessed what pattern I wore the most I would have thought it was Simplicity 1873.  But Scout and Archer apparently blow that out of the water.  Also...I only wore 8 patterns all month?  Maybe a pattern stash cleanup is in order.

Fabric source info is again, not really a surprise.  But it has given me some better motivation to not buy fabric at Joann unless it's really special.  It's also clear just how much of my fabric shopping I do online (which is fitting, since I buy everything I can from Amazon).

Fabric type tells me I need to focus on jersey.  I also could have guessed that because the RTW items I really missed wearing were my RTW jersey tees.  My poor blue stripe cotton jersey tee has seen better days, so a replacement might be in order soon.

So we're done!  I feel like I learned a lot throughout this month, so I'd call it a success.  Even if I'm looking forward to wearing a RTW tee shirt tomorrow (and REALLY looking forward to not having to take a selfie...)

Heads up!

Heads up!

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