Close, but no cigar

I actually made this shirt a while ago, in late March.  I just haven't photographed most of my newer stuff because I don't have a full length mirror in my new apartment.  I need to remedy that soon!

It was my first time using this pattern (Colette Sencha), and I was excited about it.  I loved the way the sleeves were constructed and loved the button back (although I didn't take any pictures of it, because I am the worst).

I also love the fabric.  It's an adorable print of books on bookshelves, and the colors are so pretty.

But I am almost positive this was the first and only time I wore this shirt.

Why?  Well, I think there are two reasons.

First, I don't wear a lot of pants in the warmer months.  When I did, it was at my Houston office, which is more formal and I just don't think this shirt would be a good match for that environment.  So I got out of the habit and then haven't picked it back up since pants weather started again.  And this shirt is not really suited to being tucked into skirts.

But mostly, it's a bad fabric/pattern match.  We all have them.  It sucks.

Looking at the pictures, this is really not that bad.  But it's a quilting cotton (and not one of those soft, gauzy ones), and that pattern is really better suited for something with some drape.  It makes it a little less comfy/easier to wear, and it's just not something I reach for in the mornings.

Also, RIP bright ass red sweater and shoes.  I have my replacement red flats on today and they are NOT AS GOOD.  I will never forgive J Crew for discontinuing the Cece flats.

So, I do like the little tie at the front (but again, not suited for this fabric).  And I like the button back, especially with the big mustard yellow buttons I used.  But I haven't made another version of this shirt, so I think this discouraged me in a  big way.  Hate it when that happens.

It's so weird to look at these pictures from so long ago.  My hair is so short!  And I thought it was loooong then.  And this is also before I got my amazing, amazing iron so that hem is annoying me.  I should have steamed it, dammit!  And also, you know, because I don't own that house anymore.

But maybe I'll give this one another shot.  I'll see if I can figure something out for tomorrow.

Project:  Library blouse

Pattern:  Colette Sencha

Fabric:   A quilting cotton, I don't remember where it was from.

Notions:    thread, interfacing, buttons

Skills involved:  blind hem, buttons/buttonholes, tucks

Changes made:  None that I remember

Fuckups: Fabric/pattern match failure :(

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