Yeah, I haven't posted in months.

I've been working a lot, traveling, plus I moved, so I get a pass.  Selling our house was quite an interruption to my sewing time.  But now we have an apartment with a dedicated sewing area, and my fabric stockpile is bigger than ever (retail therapy, anyone?)

But it's funny that my last post was talking about summer clothes and now I'm going to talk about fall.  I actually did make almost all of the things I mentioned in my summer wardrobe post, so I'm calling that a win.

So, fall.  Again, I know that I need more basics and solids.  I still wear a lot of prints (wearing my alligator shirt as I type), but winter means layers, and I need to mix some solids in there.

A few things have changed about my sewing habits.  You may notice a startling lack of novelty prints (only 3???).  My wardrobe is close to reaching peak novelty print, plus I think these generally work better on dresses and skirts, which I'm not sure in need of.

I'm also sewing a lot more knits.  I bought the Colette Guide to Sewing knits and jumped on the bandwagon.  Made a couple of Monetas and got hooked.

And also, my pattern preferences have changed immensely.  I'm more into simple, modern shapes and have basically started to focus on finding TNT patterns that I can alter if I want (My two favorites are Grainline Scout and Simplicity 2215 and 1873).

So here's my fabric plan for fall.

Top, L to R:

1.  A black and white buffalo plaid shirting that will become a loose, boxy woven tee with cuffed sleeves (Grainline Scout)
2.  A motorcycle print cotton jersey destined for t-shirt-dom (Grainline Scout)
3.  A wide striped knit fabric that was set to be a Scout t-shirt (already made, worn it 4 times in 2 weeks) (Grainline Scout SEE A PATTERN HERE??)
4.  I'm a chemical engineer, so I absolutely HAD TO HAVE this fabric.  It's going to be a little v-neck dress with buttons down the back.  It's cut and will be my next project (Simplicity 2215)
5.  This print will become a drapey cardigan, I think.  Possibly a regular cardigan. But definitely cardigan bound. (self-drafted/rectangle with sleeves

Middle, L to R

1.  Gorgeous deep purple wool remnant that will have trangle cutouts at the neck and sleeve (Scout, again)
2.  Red wool suiting, going to be a t-shirt with a loose, breezy back (Scout, with full back adjustment, But seriously folks, this is my favorite pattern.)
3.  I already used part of this, but I think I have enough left to do a little button front peplum (Grainline Alder, shortened)
4.  This bright yellow knit is going to be some sort of cardigan I think.  I may banish it to pajamas.  Pattern TBD
5.  Navy canvas, because my next big undertaking will be a waxed cotton rain jacket (I'm waxing it myself after it's sewn) (Colette Albion I think)

Bottom, L to R

1.  Amazing soft wool that I found in the remnant section, going to be a jumper with a pleated skirt (Simplicity 2215)
2.  Ivory and black slub knit, already made into a t-shirt that I wear like every third day
3.  Vintage Hmong batik fabric.  Used it (along with a leather hide) to make a gorgeous bag.  I fucking love this thing. (Senna Tote)
4.  One of the first fabrics I bought when I got started.  Going to use my tried and true skirt to make this one.  (not really a pattern)
5.  Cobalt blue buffalo plaid flannel.  Destined to be a loose-ish button down shirt (Grainline Archer)

So, a few words on winter.  I live in New Orleans.  Winter is a relative term.  Short sleeve shirts, sleeveless dresses, and unlined canvas jackets are probably more spring material for some of you guys.  But it's mid October and it will be in the mid-80s today, so we just have different needs.

But:  15 garments!!!  What?

I'm SO into sewing right now, because I had to take a 3 month hiatus while we were in the process of moving.  I don't think this will be a problem.  And I even left off some pajama/lounge stuff and my Christmas sewing.  I get to dedicate basically a whole day to sewing every week, plus a few hours when I want, so I can be productive.

I've made 3 garments and probably the most work intensive project on the list (the bag) in the last two weeks.  So I think I can knock most of these out before the new year!

Soon:  posts on all the shit I made while I was gone and never took pictures of.  Up first:  Carolina Herrera.  Silk.  Polka dots.

The dress

The dress

Try, try again