Try, try again

This is one of a few projects that I made before our trip but never got around to writing about.  All of my computer time in the weeks leading up to the trip were spent researching weather, backpacks, tours, and if I would want to barf at the thought of eating Scottish food (I didn't.  Actually the food was pretty great, except the seafood wasn't nearly as good as it was hyped up to be.  Says the girl from Louisiana, I know).

So, after hating my first attempt at this pattern, mostly die to the weirdness of the fabric, I decided to try again with something more structured and less clingy.  I decided on a cotton twill, and found this pretty navy at High Fashion Fabrics in Houston.

Side note:  if you're in the Houston area, I love this place.  My home base in Houston is completely on the other side of the city (Energy Corridor) but I make the trip often, because it's so worth it.  They have every type of apparel fabric you could want, and their prices are fair, in my opinion.  Plus their selection of zippers, thread, and buttons is pretty great.

ANYWAY, this twill was great.  I don't remember how much it was but it wasn't expensive.  Under $10/yard and I used two yards.  I love the color, definitely a navy but not too dark or black.

I added pockets, but I think I'll remove them next time.  Just not necessary and they add bulk.  I also need to take this in a tiny bit at the hips, but I think it's a really great basic.

Side note:  sweater is from J. Crew last season.  It was a gift from my mom and I'm crazy about it.

Close up of the waistband (and the cat hair)

Although I cut this on the straight gran, I used the waistband from version three.  I didn't want the shaped waistband, although I may try that next time.

I hemmed it with yellow grosgrain ribbon.  These little details are one of my favorite things about home made clothes.  I also used an old blouse for the pockets so there is a fun little print in there (it's a pretty floral with blues and purples).

I was happy to have this second chance at a good pattern.  It kind of erased my frustration at the first attempt.

Project:  Navy a-line skirt
Pattern:  Colette Ginger
Fabric:   Heavy navy cotton twill
Notions:    thread, interfacing, invisible zipper
Skills involved:  Placing a zipper.  There is a really cool technique for finishing the zipper that is explained will in the instructions too!
Changes made:  Used a straight waistband instead of shaped.
Fuckups: None that I can remember

And a final note:  RIP red leather flats.  I shouldn't have pushed you so hard on the cobblestone streets of Belfast.  You were a good friend to me....


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