The plan

I'm quickly closing in on two+ weeks of time off from work, and I'm trying hard not to make unreasonable plans.

There will be at least some relaxation time, of course.  And I'll spend a few days at my parents' house.  Plus cleaning, there's always that.

But I also have a lot of sewing projects in the works, and I'd like to knock some of the biggies out.

This is not even all of the fabric I have washed and ready to go!

My first priority are Christmas gifts and resizing some pajama pants I made for us (waaaaay too big).

But that should take like a day max.  And then I'll be free to work on things for ME.

I have so many things in the works.  But here are my thoughts on priorities.

  1. navy skirt with scallop hem - I wear a lot of prints, and I need some solid basics to mix in with my separates.  I'm starting here.
  2. alligator tee shirt - I have a couple of yards of some amazing fabric from spoonflower, but it is loud, and I think I need a really basic shape so I'm doing a woven tee
  3. taupe egg blouse - I'll be using that taupe fabric near the bottom of the pile in the picture above to make a button down blouse.  This is a (hopefully) wearable muslin for the next project, since I've already made the skirt from that pattern before.
  4. sheep dress - This light mauve fabric with herds of sheep (and a few little sheep dogs) is probably my favorite fabric in the queue.  I'm going to make a knee length dress with a button front bodice and a little collar.  
I've got a ton of other projects up my sleeve, but I'm thinking that if I give myself room to take my time with these and not stress, then things will go really smoothly, and I'll have some great stuff to wear when I go back to work in January!

See ya later, alligator