You just have to make a cape for your cat.

I had planned to blog a simple little shirt I made a couple of weeks ago.  I used the Bess Top pattern from Imagine Gnats, the shortest length, and shortened it up a little more.  I also added a pleat at the front neckline because the neckline was super open on me (even cutting the higher neckline) and I wanted to tighten it up a bit.

I loved that shirt.  I've worn it so often since I made it.  I loved the fabric and it was comfy and it was the first garment I made that I was actually totally proud of.

The shirt in question, pre rip
I love the way the sleeves work with this pattern

The plan was to wear it today and take some pictures.  Until my washing machine ate it last night.  I was folding laundry and noticed something that felt off on the back of the shirt, and turned it over to see a hole the size of the palm of my hand.  There were also gross streaks all over the back.  I've identified the culprit (tub cover had some sharp pieces of plastic coming off) and my husband is fixing it this week.  But dude, I'm super bummed over this.

But what cheers me up when I'm sad?  Cats in clothes.  What's even better?  Cats in costumes.

I present to you:  Dimitri the super cat!

This was a result of many factors converging at once.  I was bored over Thanksgiving weekend with nothing to do.  I wanted a quick project I could handle quickly.  My husband came down and joked that I needed to make Dimitri something pretty to wear.

And so, my cat is a superhero.

Surprisingly, he doesn't hate it at all.  He just walks around like normal, except he can fly with the cape on (just kidding of course, but we totally pick him up and make him "fly" around.  Because we're jerks).

I just used leftovers.  Red quilting cotton as a base (just drew a general cape shape based on his length), navy jersey for the log and neck band.  I wanted the part around his neck to be as comfortable as possible.  It's elastic so it's easy to pull over his head, but super loose on his neck once it's on.  And the jersey is soft enough that it doesn't bother him.  I think it helps that we've had a collar on him since kitten-hood.

For the logo, I just drew out a couple of ideas onto cardstock and traced my favorite onto the jersey.  Then I topstitched it down onto the cape.

This was a super quick project, made with scraps, that has given us so much joy over the last couple of weeks.  I don't think there's anything more adorable than a kitten in a superhero cape.

You can also follow this general guide to make a super easy cape for kids (although I might stick with a velcro neckband for littles).  It's so much fun!


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