I think I've mentioned here that I work half time in (well, outside of ) Baton Rouge, where I live, and half time in Houston.  This means I'm living out of a suitcase fairly often, and while packing mine last week, I checked the weather in Houston and realized something.  I am severely lacking in warm clothes.  It makes sense, it's not cold that often.  But my thin cardigans and tights over summer dresses can only go so far.  So I'm kind of thinking about how to make my wardrobe more winter appropriate ("winter" for those of you from more northern parts).

When I saw this knit fabric for the first time at JoAnn's, I just loved it.  I almost bought it on the spot, but it had a hole on the edge and I wanted to make sure I could cut around it.  But once I had a pattern picked out, I went back and grabbed it, super excited to make something.  I wanted something warm and cozy that I could wear with jeans and boots.

I used a McCall's pattern marked easy, since this was my first time with knits.  And I do think easy was accurate.  BUT the sizing is way off.  I'm quickly learning that I should just ignore the finished garment measurements given by McCall's and Simplicity because they are so inaccurate.  This thing is huge.  I have plans to cut it down on the sides and in the sleeves, because I think it would be much, much cuter if it was a bit more fitted (or fitted AT ALL).

It is growing on me.  I wore it with my pajamas basically every moment I've been home since I finished it and it's soooo warm and soooo comfy.

My husband's feelings on it are very clear.  He hates it.  Hates the fabric, hates the cut, HATES it.  He didn't believe I'd wear it to work.  BUT I DID.  You owe me $5, husband.

Anyway, I think it looks pretty cute with jeans.  And if I just cut it down a bit it will be even cuter.  Seeing it all wrapped up helps me imagine what it would look like with a bit more shape.

There's like a foot of extra fabric crossed over in there.  The description of the pattern is a "close fitting cardigan."  Yep, sure.

I do love the fabric though.  I think no matter how I felt when I first put it on, this one is a keeper (or, it will be once I make a few changes.  It's also perfect for Christmas time.  With leggings, my fur lined houseshoes, and this sweater I am good for hanging out and watching Christmas movies all day long.

Project:  Warm and cozy peplum sweater
Pattern:  McCall's M6844
Fabric:  Dark green printed knit from JoAnn's
Notions, etc:  thread, interfacing for the collar
Time to make up:  A couple of hours, maybe 3.  I cut all of the fabric another day so that cut down on my time.  I also did some additional stuff (double stitching the seams, top stitching around the shawl collar) that may not be necessary for you and could cut time off.

The plan

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