My first Archer

This is one of those projects that I made a while back but never blogged about.  It was the first Archer that I made, and I decided to do a popover.

Another Nani Iro Dress

Yep.  It's another one.  This one though, is hands down my favorite fabric ever.  It's double gauze, it's floral, it's purple with lots of pink in the print.  It's perfect.

Cool for the summer

It's getting hot, y'all.

We had really, really pleasant weather this winter (sorry, northerners).  But it looks like it's over.  All of a sudden we're back in the 80s, and I assume the humidity is not far behind.  So it's time for me to focus on summer clothes. 

Foxy Lady Dress

In general, I gravitate toward fit and flare dresses. I just think they suit my lumpy triangular body shape the most. But as soon as I saw the Cashmerette Appleton pattern, I knew I wanted to give it a try. A pattern drafted specifically for plus sizes, with different cup size options? Yes please!

Cat Lady Dress

Some sewers are the type that see a pattern, love it, and look for fabric that will work. I am the opposite. I see fabric, buy it, hoard it, and the search for a pattern that will work. 

I saw this fabric online and it just called to me. It didn't hurt that it's called Cat Lady (


I feel like all families have a nickname for pajamas. Jammie's, PJs, jammers. But I've fallen into using P-Jams. It's like a rap name for pajamas.

Has it really been over a year since I last posted? That seems crazy, but it looks like it's true. So, what happened? I bought a house, moved, got a new job that takes up way more time and effort than my old one...

I actually made this shirt a while ago, in late March.  I just haven't photographed most of my newer stuff because I don't have a full length mirror in my new apartment.  I need to remedy that soon!